XITE Networks is a music television company founded in the Netherlands. XITE’s music television channel launched in 2008 and is distributed to 15+ million households in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Qatar, Canada, and the United States.

Linear Television

Music video TV channel.
The most popular music videos 24/7.
Fully localised for each market.
Daily curated by XITE’s team of music experts.
The most popular music television channel in the Netherlands & Belgium.

Personalised Music Television

Music video streaming service.
Like & skip through music videos to personalise.
Search through XITE’s full music video catalog of more than 60.000 HD & 4K music videos.
Play thematic channels curated by XITE’s team of music experts.
Design your own channel based on genre, era, visual style and mood.
Tailored experience based on the viewer’s individual taste in music videos.


4K music video TV channel.
Broadcasts music videos 24/7.
Only 100% 4K music videos.
Fully localised for each market.